Remote Central Locking Car Alarm And Immobiliser With Electric Boot Release And Anti Hijack

 Remote Central Locking Car Alarm And Immobiliser With Electric Boot Release And Anti Hijack.

The YD-1881 is an Easy Fit Car alarm and is packed with features and fully compatible with our central locking systems as an add on.

The Systems features are: Immobiliser, Shock Sensor, Door Pin Protection for all doors, 120db Siren, Anti Hijck, Output for Central Locking, Remote Boot Opener, On Dash Bright LED Warning Indicator, Car Finder/Panic Alarm and also Collision-Theft-Illegal Start Self Locking Mode With optional Anti Lift System and can be used to upgrade your excisting central locking to remote.

This system Is a simple install system and is sold on a DIY basis and any enthusiast should not find this to challenging to install.

Along with the above the features are as follows:

  • Remote arm and Disarm from upto 30 meters away from your vehicle.
  • Silent arm Used to lock the doors silently as to not disturb people around you.
  • Car Locating System to locate your car in Car parks or other busy areas.
  • Panic Mode simply hold the button down to sound the horn and flash the lights to attract attention for 30 seconds
  • Remote Boot Release Hold down the open button for 2 Seconds to release the rear boot.
  • Twin Zone Shock Sensor to protect the car from movement inside the car of if it is bumped(can be programmed off)
  • Dash LED for Status Indicator and deterant
  • Output For Central Locking Can be wired in to your excisting central locking system
  • Car Door Open Warning System If driving or with the ACC on the hazards will flash for 30 seconds
  • Anti Hijacking At the press of a button this will Sound the horn and cut the engine out after 15 seconds.
  • Alarm Memory upon returning to the car the system will let you know if it has been triggered.
  • Emergency Disarm if the system has to be bypassed if the fobs are lost, this can be acheived
  • Auto Arm If the car is left unarmed for 10 seconds or more this can be programmed to Auto Arm
  • Power Off Memory If all power is lost the system will retain its settings
  • Door Open Alert If a Door is left open the system will sound its horn 3 times upon arming.

The system comes complete with wiring diagram for the system and also 12 months warranty for your peace of mind.


Whats Included in The Box:

  • Main Alarm System
  • 120db Tone Siren
  • 2 Metal Key Fobs
  • Immobiliser
  • LED(blue) Status Light
  • Fixing Kit
  • Adjustable Shock Sensor
  • All wiring Required
  • Door pin
  • 12 months Warranty Card

Collections: Car Alarms

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